Services Offered by a Technology Insurance Company

14 Aug


If you are a technology company offering various technology products and services, technology insurance is designed to cover you against liabilities and lawsuits that may arise due to various reasons. For instance, web designers, IT support firms, and data storage companies provide what is known as technology services while on the other hand, computer and technology devices manufacturers and software developers offer technology products. Technology insurance takes care of both property loss exposures and liabilities resulting from media content, technology products malfunction, network security breaches, and technology services. Technology liabilities arise from several directions that as a technology services or products provider may not foresee and take precautions. The most common reasons that lead to it professional liabilities and lawsuits includes but not limited to security flaws in software sot hardware sold to clients, failure to communicate clearly implying that you were trying to withhold critical information, frivolous lawsuits, recommending unqualified and bad employees and experts to clients leading to losses, underperforming below the agreed threshold, failure to deliver as per the contract with the client, trademark and copyright battles concerning various technology features in software and hardware, lost business to adverse media and performance of a service or product, website flaws lawsuits, and network security and data confidentiality issues. IT professional liabilities may not be avoidable and here below is a summary of various IT professional insurance services you can obtain from a technology insurance company at


Firstly, you can get an IT professional liability cover as a web designer.  Clients contracting you as a website designer may not be satisfied with the delivered product or services and this may result in a lawsuit. Unhappy clients can sometimes sue you not because you did not deliver as per the contract but simply because they are not happy with the end product and hence you need insurance cover to keep your business protected. The other technology insurance service under website designers is a cover for you as a business if you host clients’ websites. Infringement of client data privacy, copyrights and trademarks are key pain areas for website developers and web hosting companies, and hence you should make sure that you are covered. Know more facts about insurance, go to


Another crucial type of technology insurance you can get is the computer programming cover. The tasks performed by a computer programmer often involves tasks such as writing codes, modification of algorithms, applications development, and developing games for clients. A lawsuit can easily arise from computer programming services and hence need for a technology liability cover.


Computer stores are also covered by technology insurance in their usual duties of distributing hardware, software, monitors, and navigation devices.  Computer stores can be sued by clients for selling faulty products.  The last kind of cover offered by technology insurance companies caters for InsuranceHub IT consultants in their duty to help clients use technology.

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